August 6, 2015 Black and Blue, Poetry

If you ever asked me, I would tell you that choice really looks like the family I spent my first Christmas with, the ones who bickered in front of me without the “in-house business in-house” political sinkholes of my own upbringing.

I Can’t Configure the Reason

July 31, 2015 Black and Blue, Poetry

I can’t configure the reason my brain has vaunted against my body, issued an iciness into first the left lung, then the right, all I know is I’m sick of quivering whether I’m touching you or not, of ONETOTENTELLUSYOURANXIETYLEVELTODAY


July 31, 2015 Black and Blue, Poetry

I want to pass into you. The charcoal strands of your hair spilling over the nape of your neck, the friendly curve of your ear and the way that silver necklace pours into it when you roll onto your side,

Revolution: An Interactive Draft

July 10, 2015 Poetry, The BlaQueericulum

In line with the activities set out in the first week of the BlaQueericulum, I’ve decided to go ahead and post my Revolution Statement. It’s a work in progress, much like everything in my life is and will continue to be, but I have to say I’m pretty fond of it. Enjoy! (By the way, I do mean that interactive part–revise it, use it as a starting point, engage with it in your own statements, print it out and makeRead More