The BlaQueericulum

The BlaQueericulum: Month One, Week Three Readings

July 27, 2015 The BlaQueericulum

Hey y’all, sorry not to have updated this last week. Rough week, yadda yadda. Truthfully, I didn’t get an opportunity to finish up the activities I scheduled for my own enrichment. So the readings and activities for the week are a continuation and extension of last week’s: more Audre Lorde! More exploration of personal history! Because it turns out that even when you think I’M AN ADULT NOW AND I WILL HAVE TIME TO READ A WHOLE BOOK IN ONERead More

Don’t You Dare Make Yourself Small Around Me

July 13, 2015 Journal, The BlaQueericulum

I’ve just finished reading the Combahee River Collective Statement, and it really is remarkable. Seriously, read it as soon as you get a chance! Despite its age, which shows through in some of the binary notions of gender it employs, there are several points that stand out to me. The two I’m thinking about in this post in particular are on page 2, We were told in the same breath to be quiet both for the sake of being “ladylike” andRead More

Revolution: An Interactive Draft

July 10, 2015 Poetry, The BlaQueericulum

In line with the activities set out in the first week of the BlaQueericulum, I’ve decided to go ahead and post my Revolution Statement. It’s a work in progress, much like everything in my life is and will continue to be, but I have to say I’m pretty fond of it. Enjoy! (By the way, I do mean that interactive part–revise it, use it as a starting point, engage with it in your own statements, print it out and makeRead More

Processing “Queer Black Feminism: The Pleasure Principle”

July 9, 2015 The BlaQueericulum

Here’s the link to the original readings list. I’m starting with the first one, “Queer Black Feminism: The Pleasure Principle,” by Laura Alexandra Harris (citation here). Okay, I’m just gonna come right out and say it: this was a difficult read. I have a strong vocabulary, decent understanding of social criticism and assorted sociological perspectives/frameworks, and I think I’m pretty good with analysis and synthesis of material, but I struggled a bit with this one. That said, I also thinkRead More

The BlaQueericulum: Month One, Week One

July 8, 2015 The BlaQueericulum

This is the first installment of fifty-two for the BlaQueericulum, which you can read more about here. My hope is to make this an interactive project at some point, so if you read/watch/listen along with me or have done so with any of this incredible work, please feel free to speak on it in the comments! Obvious disclaimer is obvious: I take credit for none of the work I promote as readings on this blog and the original authors retain allRead More

Toward a BlaQueericulum: A Year of Black Queer Feminist Scholarship

July 8, 2015 The BlaQueericulum

I’m definitely still in the planning stages of this project, which I hope to extend through the next 12 months, but I have some ideas. As hinted at in a previous post, I would like to spend the next year interacting with black queer feminist ancestors, contemporaries, and the prismatic spirit of the Universe (word up, Dr. G Love) through multimedia readings and activities. Why, you ask? A lot of it is identity and spirituality work. The past 10 monthsRead More